Finding your balance.

Fully-certified by the FMCA in February 2019, I aim to help clients find a better balance so they can feel more healthy, present and fulfilled in their everyday lives. I’m open to talk about any changes you may want to take on and am happy to help you on your journey to find more resources or refer you to the right expert if I find I can’t safely meet your needs.

A little more about me, I grew up in the Northern Virginia area and received a B.S. in Psychology from VCU in Richmond, VA.  I’m passionate about all things health and have developed my own, unique healthy balance working with a Functional Medicine Doctor in the area.  I eat mostly gluten and dairy free, enjoy all types of exercise such as yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics.  I’ve recently started getting into meditation and am trying to integrate it in my daily life.  If you’d like to find out more about me and the tools I rely on to live a healthy happy life, head over to my personal instagram account @altfitz 🙂

How does the coaching process start?

  • Use the contact page to get in touch with me and get answers to any initial questions you may have.
  • We’ll set up a time for a quick call or video chat to get to know each other, discuss your goals and make sure we’re a good fit.
  • If we feel that we’d work well together, we then set up a schedule for your sessions, exchange paperwork, if needed get in contact with your Functional Medicine Practitioner and get started creating change and establish a better balance in your life.


My personal Instagram where you can see how I work to find my own balance everyday and share tips and inspiration I find from other resources.


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Recipes, sleep hygiene tips, meditation and so much more. If you want to see what is interesting me right now or just need some healthy life inspiration.

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