Sweet Saturdays

This past Saturday was a day of doing things, my favorite kind of day.  It left me inspired, tired from laughing and walking and grateful for time spent with friends and family.


The plan for the day was to drive out to the Luckett’s Spring Market out in Berryville, VA.  As a lover of The Old Luckett’s Store, this was my first time at their spring market and let me just say, it surpassed the hype.  If you love design and refurbished or homemade items, it’s heaven on earth.  Seeing as my budget has been mostly spent on travel and gifts as of late, it wasn’t a buying trip, it was more a fun thing to do on a spring Saturday.  I got lots of design ideas for my future hypothetical dream house (for which I have a dedicated Pinterest board), and time spent outside eating and drinking and looking around.