Big decision made.

After more than a year of research and consideration, soul searching and doubting, I committed to becoming a certified Functional Medicine health and wellness coach (I chose FMCA’s program).  I committed time (12 months) and $$$ which was definitely the scarier part (because I still have something called student loan payments to worry about), but through all that research and all the things I’ve experienced this past year I just realized it was now or never.

Risk is a funny thing, it can keep you just on the edge of making significant changes in your life.  I find that I’ve now gotten to the point of hating that indecisive place so much that as risky as the choice may be, it’s better to take the leap and let go than keep working so hard to balance just on the edge of something amazing.

Either way, I did it and I can’t take it back now.  I intend to document my journey more on here, so if anyone else is on the verge of making this kind of decision I can be one of the people to help you off the ledge.  Working full time and getting all this in should make for an interesting year, but I’m hoping to spend more time connecting with people who’re passionate about health and happiness.

It’s finally time to enjoy the fall and see if the net’s down there somewhere.