The other side of a quarter.

It’s the last day of my 25th year, and I wanted to reflect on how I felt at the start of of it and how I feel now.  I’m living in a different house than last year, my physical and mental health are very different and my lifestyle has changed dramatically, so let’s get into it.

If you always do what interests you, then at least one person is pleased. –Katharine Hepburn

I think this quote has been been driving most of my intentions this past year, I’ve spent a lot of time being introspective about what I want and if my life is reflecting those desires.  I’ve spent more time enjoying my freedom of being single and being able to make last minute plans without having to check with anyone, doing things that make me happy.

The list of things that makes me happy as changed a lot as well, eating healthy foods and getting a full night’s sleep is probably my most guaranteed way to get happy.  At this point I’ve tried Paleo, Vegan and wheat-free diets and I’ve made my own mash-up of the three and have felt so much better, it’s amazing what food can do for your health and happiness.  I’ve also recently purchased a Phillips Wake-Up light alarm clock and it’s fantastic.  I’m working on getting my phone out of my room while I’m asleep, right now it’s on silent and next to my bed, but I’ll get there!  Creating this calm environment for my body and mind has not only helped with my happiness but it’s also a process I’ve enjoyed and have realized will be an eternal and dynamic process, what works now can and will eventually change as time passes.

Socially, I’ve spent more time alone.  I find that it makes me a far better and engaged person when I’m spending time with family and friends, I’ve embraced my introvert nature and make an effort to plan out days that I spend alone.  Whether I’m getting things done, exercising (I’m training for a half-marathon right now…), binge watching Will and Grace, or anything else, it’s time that I need and I’ve been firm in making it a priority in my life.

One big difference is that I feel much more excited about the year ahead than I did last year.  I wasn’t sad or morose about turning 25 last year, I just think I was in a place that I was letting things happen in life rather than making the choices that guide my trajectory.  Time, health, family and friends cure all life ailments and after a couple of challenging years I finally feel like my true self.  26 is going to be great, and I plan to do a better job of posting updates and inspirations on here.  But for now, I give you a list of 26 things that I’m loving on this exact day.

  1. Younger Now – Miley Cyrus (Did not expect to love her new music this much, pleasant surprise).
  2. The fact that I’m not falling all over myself for the new iPhone, I’m getting better at not following the hype and realizing… I have a working phone… that I just paid off… it’s like they have a plan to get me to spend more money or something….
  3. Smoked Paprika, I’ve found a reason to put it on nearly everything.
  4. My waxed denim jacket that may be on it’s last year… I’ve had it for seven years I think, and it’s still one of my absolute favorite items I own.
  5. Classical music, I’ve been listening to the This is: Vivaldi playlist on Spotify and I love it.
  6. Podcasts, I just can’t get enough of them.
  7. New kinds of produce, I recently tried Kiwi Berries and Kuri Squash for the first time, so good.
  8. New Barn Barista style almond milk… I buy 3 every time I see it at Whole Foods, usually it’s out of stock.
  9. Sipsmith Gin, I bought some for the first time yesterday and it’s amazing.  I plan on having a couple French 75s for my birthday…
  10. My Birkenstocks, it’s still warm enough to get away with wearing them and I probably won’t put them away until November.
  11. My new glasses, I bought three pairs from and the clear, acrylic pair is my favorite.
  12. My Panda journal, my best friend got me one last year and I can’t plan my week effectively or mindfully without it.
  13. Avocados, now that I’ve pretty much cut meat and dairy out of my normal diet and splurge on them alllllllll the time.
  14. Making vegan desserts, I made vegan cheesecake last weekend and I’m making vegan chocolate chip cookies and raw, vegan carrot cake tomorrow.
  15. Will and Grace, I’m so excited that the season premiere is tomorrow, on my actual birthday.
  16. Health research, I’ve been looking for a functional medicine practice and I love doing this kind of research, I wish more people had the time to invest in their health and happiness.
  17. Historical dramas, I finally finished Downton Abbey and binge watched Victoria season one.
  18. Atypical, another great Netflix original, can’t wait for season two.
  19. My desk space, I finally cleaned it  up and hung my art and photos, I hope to spend more time there.
  20. The promise of fall weather, it’s going to be 88 degrees Fahrenheit here today… I’m ready for 60 degrees and coats and bonfires and such.
  21. Family, I’ve been able to spend tons of time with everyone over the past year and as we all get older (My younger sister became a legal adult over the last weekend) I know that it’ll get harder and harder to schedule that time.
  22. Dogs, I want my own so badly but I’m lucky that my family dogs are only a 30 minute car ride away.
  23. Candles, I always go a little candle crazy in the fall, I just love coming in and lighting them after a long day and having a cocktail while cooking something cozy.  #hyggelife
  24. Strong women, I’m very lucky to have so many female warriors to look up to and bond with, my friends have been making big changes in the last year and I’m so proud of all of them.
  25. Feeling confident in my choices, I love being in a place where I rarely doubt myself and make decisions based on my well defined values.
  26. That I have so many reasons to feel grateful.

26… Let’s do this.


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