Boston – Lowell 2017

One of the big perks of my current job is an opportunity to travel, it’s all domestic but it takes me places I wouldn’t really go otherwise and that’s pretty neat.  This past weekend I spent taking all kinds of transportation to get to Lowell, Massachusetts which is about 30 minutes outside Boston.  It’s a college town with a pretty cool vibe, it would’ve been even more fun if there wasn’t a snow storm during my visit… 13″ in April… that’s New England for you.


As a genuine food and drink lover, my first mission was to find a cool coffee shop where I could hangout until I could check into my hotel.  After trudging through the snow for 20 minutes I gave up trying to find the place I had found on google map and settled for a small coffee house that closed early.  I dried off and did some more research trying to figure out why I could not find the entrance to this mystical cafe…  Turns out it was hidden in an old mill turned apartment complex.  I took a hidden elevator to the fourth floor and found THE coolest indoor shops I’ve ever seen in a residential area:


It made perfect sense that they would put the shops indoors as it was April and snowing heavily, the shops included an apothecary, a cheese shop, a record store just to name a few.  Plus there was a stage for live performances, which looked pretty awesome with huge oriental rugs covering the stage made of reclaimed wood.  I finally made my way to the cafe, Coffee and Cotton, and enjoyed the relaxed vibe over a sandwich and fresh ginger kombucha.  It was the highlight of my weekend and I was happy to find that gem before starting my actual work.


I also went on every possible type of transportation Boston had to offer and made a quick video of my travels here.  I’m thinking about making some more video content, we’ll see if I stick with it…


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