Spring 2017 Skincare Routine 

Ahhhh skincare…it’s become a small obsession of mine ever since I discovered Caroline Hirons on YouTube.  She gives amazing tips and reviews and you can find so much valuable information on her blog, a personal favorite of mine is her post on toners.  After watching hours of her witty vlogs, I started to gather info to create my own skincare regimen, or at least make some changes since my old routine wasn’t really doing much for me…

So, here’s the set up: two cleansers (One to remove sweat and make-up, one to clean the skin), a toner (or two if you want to spritz a more concentrated acid, which can be too much for some skin types), then serums (layer a couple if you like going from clear to opaque and liquid to cream) and finally your moisturizer and SPF.  Everyone is different and everyone can afford different products, I’ve taken turns “splurging” on some items though my level of “splurging” is not that ludicrous because I’m an entry level worker/college grad with too many loans to not feel guilty about spending that money later.

img_8148First up is my first cleanse.  Right now I’m using the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm and I love it, I’ve also used the Pixi cleansing balm which as great but I find that the Clinique one is just silkier and reacts better to my skin.  It pulverizes mascara and eyeliner which I wear 95% of the time.  As per the advise of Caroline, I put this on a dry face and use a warm washcloth to wipe it off (invest in 14 washcloths if you’re like me and do laundry barely once a week).

img_8150Next we have the second cleanse.  This one proves to be the most challenging for me, I’ve tried a couple different products and I’m still not totally in love.  This one from Hlyamide is really nice BUT it’s pretty oily as well, this may be something I end up having to splurge a little more on as it’s the product that should really be nourishing and cleaning your skin once the makeup and sweat are removed.  I’ve just picked up a cream from Aveeno to try but haven’t used it long enough to include in here.  Second cleanse should be used same as first, #washclothlife.

Next up: Toning.  My new favorite step in my routine, why?  Because this is really the img_8151exfoliating stage, you’ve loosened things up with the cleansers and a washcloth and now it’s the acids turn to eat up all those dead cells, the key is getting a toner that won’t dry out your skin (Especially if you have naturally dry skin like me).  My favorite so far are these pads by First Aid Beauty, they have a slightly scrubby sides that helps slough off flaky skin and leave it prepped for serums.


img_8152As an extra acidic step I really like this toning spray from Hylamide, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and tingly.  Acids are something you want to build up to though, don’t just start using the heaviest most intense thing out there to get results fast, it does not work that way…



Now that we’ve cleaned and exfoliated the skin it’s ready for some serums, this is really where you get to customize your routine.  Depending on your skin, there’s a million things to try, hydrating, anti-aging, de-puffing, the list goes on and on…

Two of my favorites right now are from the Ordinary, because they’re not only super effective, they are also cheap as hell.  I’ve recommended this brand a ton because even if you try it and one or two products don’t suite you, you haven’t dropped a ton of money on them and won’t feel too guilty giving them to a friend to try instead.  Their Hyaluronic Acid is super hydrating and i like to top it with the brightening Vitamin C lotion that gives my skin a really great tingling sensation (When I say tingling, I mean slightly burning but it doesn’t irritate my skin.  It can be uncomfortable or irritating to others so proceed at your own risk).  Sometimes I like to trade out the Vitamin C for a Retinol or Lactic Acid  at night and in the mornings I like to use their Caffeine serum under my eyes.  All in all I’ve been happy with everything I’ve tried thus far.


img_8155Lastly it’s time to seal everything in with a moisturizer, I like this one from Neutrogena because it’s super rich and has SPF in it.  A lot of people say you should have a moisturizer AND a separate SPF but I haven’t gotten to that level yet, so for now I use this and then if I’m going to be out in the sun all day I’ll use another SPF on top because I have very fine skin and don’t want to turn to leather in my old age.

Leave comments with some of your favorite products if you like, I’m still on the hunt for that perfect second cleanse and would love some suggestions!


***not sponsored by any of these companies.


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