Facebook Freedom

It’s day 2 after deactivating my Facebook account and I won’t lie… it feels good.  In the past I’ve taken breaks from social media, usually because I needed to focus on school or just to see if I could.  This is the first time that I’ve rid myself of it because I felt like it was a burden or something somewhat negative in my life.  Maybe it’s the political climate, maybe it’s all the information I’ve read and listened to online regarding using your time wisely, the benefits of unplugging and the wildly popular idea of creating a hygge inspired home, but Facebook just hasn’t been a great way for me to connect to people as of late.

One of the biggest things I’ve realized is that I’ve posted so many articles, recipes, ideas, blogs, you name it on Facebook and I’d say that I’ve tried or used that information to actually do something or create something 10% of the time.  So I’m circulating all of this great stuff, that I know I could do but don’t have the time or drive to actually accomplish.  So where’s my time going?  Where’s it being wasted?  Where can I cut back?


Now Facebook isn’t my only time eater, Netflix is right up there as well.  It’s not something I want to completely give up though, as my love for film and television is a great pleasure in my life.  What I am trying to limit is the amount of times I re-watch things like Friends: I have the whole series on DVD, I’ve probably seen it 10 times through, I can ace any Friends quiz out there… why am I staying up and throwing away time to watch something I could probably act out single handily?  It’s familiar and I still find it hilarious, but I shouldn’t be wasting my time on it as much as I am. Especially when there’s all sorts of great new content out there.  Right now I’ve been watching Netflix’s original series Abstract if I have the urge to turn on the television.  It’s something new, inspiring and fresh, and it makes me want to DO instead of OBSERVE.



Leaving the world of Facebook and binge watching will give me more time and honestly some very welcome boredom in which I hope to fill my time taking more pictures (I’ve decided to stay on Instagram), creating more blog posts, working on video content, reading, cooking and really getting out into the world.  We all are given 24 hours in a day, that’s something that everyone is given equally so we are the only ones who can change the way we use it.  Time is finite and I want to use mine better.


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