Food blogging… maybe.

So, I’ve started eating healthier and think that might be a new form of content I can put up on here. I love to cook and a few weeks before my 25th birthday, I decided to do the Whole 30 diet. I’d tried it with my Mom for awhile last year and we both really liked it, but we didn’t fully commit, still eating some grains and having a couple glasses of wine here and there. So this time I REALLY committed… and it made me feel awesome.

Of course the weekend of my birthday I celebrated with all my favorite foods and drinks, afterward I decided to try and make it a lifestyle change. So now in my bullet journal (yes, I’ve made one… and love it.) I am keeping track of the days that I eat according to the Whole 30 perimeters.

fullsizerenderMy lovely roommate gave me a fantastically healthy cookbook for my birthday, it’s called “Thug Kitchen” and it’s not only full of amazing recipes, it’s written with humor and lots of cursing, it’s awesome. This week I’ve been trying some recipes from the book, most of them are vegan which is close to Whole 30 but allows for grains. Below is my little video process of making their Roasted Red Pepper Pasta, which was delish! There was no dairy whatsoever, it was my first time using nutritional yeast (hunted all of Whole Foods for it, and of course it was overpriced) but the sauce truly had a creamy texture and taste. (And it had directions for fire roasting your own peppers, I didn’t come up with that on my own.)

Anyway, the video was easy and fun to make, so I figured I’d make a small post about it as well. Once I move (my life is currently in boxes, I can’t wait!), I’m hoping to make more consistent posts, maybe some how-to videos. Our new kitchen will be a much nicer place to cook, our current one is super small and barely has enough space on the counter for me to fit a cutting board.

p.s. I was going to insert the video here, buuuuut my account doesn’t support that unless I pay more (did I mention I’m moving aka broke)… so click hereto watch it via my IG.






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