When I saw the first image of Tiffany & Co.‘s fall marketing campaign in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar I didn’t think I could be more delighted.  That is until I saw the second and third image…

After having recently watched the documentary on Tiffany & Co. (Crazy About Tiffany’s), I grew a new appreciation for the history of the Tiffany & Co. brand.  I had no clue how many projects they have contributed to over the years and how many different ideas and lines had come out of each team’s inspiration.  Also, who knew they made so many National trophies?! (They produce the Vince Lombardi trophy for the Super Bowl every year!)

Besides my most recent appreciation for the art and beauty that Tiffany & Co. have shown us throughout the years, I’m so pleased to see that they have chosen to diversify their marketing.  In a crucial time when more and more people are bombarded by media and having a hard time relating to the images, they’ve chosen to take an iconic brand and promote it in a way that only furthers the value of each unique piece they create.  Each piece can be as exclusively unique as the person that wears it, there is no longer a certain type of individual you expect to see in Tiffany’s jewelry.  Anyone can be a part of the art and history behind these designs.  Tattoos and Tiffany are now in the same sentence, and the image that paints in itself is a beautiful piece of art.


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