September is coming…

And I’m even more excited about that than Game of Thrones.  I made this site months ago and have had a serious lack of motivation to write, maybe it’s the fact that my apartment is at a humid 90 degrees everyday when I get home from work.  Maybe it’s that my computer is as slow as the breaths I have to take to survive said hot apartment, either way, September is coming and that has always proved to be the most productive time of year for me.

I’ve always felt that the real New Year starts in September.  There’s a tangible change in season, school starts (for those that are still enjoying the non-adult life), fashion changes, menus change.  It’s a time of metamorphosis and preparation for the festivities to come.  Once we get into fall it’s one holiday right after another, it’s getting together with friends, it’s seeing family and taking vacation time.  It’s all the things that I love, and that I love to plan for.

So as the air starts to cool in my apartment, I’m hoping that will leave space for my inspiration and creative juices to start heating up.  I just purchased some fall issues and will have most likely have a lot of opinions on the content, so I already have a running start.  September is coming… and hopefully so are some more posts…


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